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Shaving Sets

Welcome to Colne Valley Shaving

I am a craftsman

who works totally on my own producing classic and traditional men’s wet shaving sets my shaving brushes and razor handles and handcrafted in England in my own small workshop where I produce and create new designs, firstly casting the Polyester blanks by hand and then lathe turned to the desired shape and form…every shaving set of mine is made individually by hand… no CNC machines no copy lathes.

My latest designs are to craft razor handles from 303 grades and 316 grades Stainless Steel.

I endeavour to create shaving sets that are different and unusual but at the same time able to withstand daily shaving; I use only the finest Badger hair Silvertip and Best Badger knots and a high grade polyester Resin to create my shaving sets.  

A shaving set

Is a very personal item, my shaving brushes and razors are designed to stand out from the normal shaving sets that are on the market today, the shaving sets are handmade for routine of a daily shave, the shaving brush is turned with the design to fit comfortably within your hand so that great shave can be achieved.  

Mervyn Cadman

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